CPSIA Update: New York Times Refuses to Let Facts Confuse It

By February 18, 2009Regulations

Walter Olson at Overlawyered.com eviscerates today’s New York Times’ editorial dismissing the problems posed by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, calling the opinion piece “Clueless. Disgraceful. Grossly ill-informed. And cruelly hard-hearted toward families and businesses across the country that are facing economic ruin.”

The Times’ editorialists chose not to inform themselves, as is obvious from this paragraph:

Unfortunately, the commission has yet to implement important aspects of the new law. The delay has caused confusion and allowed opponents to foment needless fears that the law could injure smaller enterprises like libraries, resale shops and handmade toy businesses.

Needless fears…

Olson cites numerous examples of real and justified fears, real consequences that the Times ignores. It could be the editorial staff has been ill-served by only reading the New York Times’s news coverage, which hasn’t bothered to delve into destroyed books, discarded clothing and economic havoc caused by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. The Times’ only serious coverage of the law’s harm has come from Daniel McDermon, writing at the Wheels Blog.

Talk to McDermon, oh pundits. Or look at your own NYT website, the CPSC topic page. There you’ll see a page of links to the sparse Times’ coverage as well as links to smart commentary from bloggers and commentators who have reported on the CPSIA’s damage. Look! Virginia Postrel, Walter Olson, Carmen at Buried Treasure. Bet they’d all be glad to fill you in.

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