Colorado, Ignoring Consumers and Convenience

By February 12, 2009Energy, Taxation

The sponsor of a bill in Colorado to tack a 6 cents a tax onto every plastic bag used by retailers has dropped the idea. Instead — Ban plastic bags entirely!

KDVR reports the story here, and it’s as nuts as it sounds. Legislators are being bullied by fervent high school students and wannabe urban Europeans, who regard anything other than a reusable hemp bag as a blight upon society. Anti-oil extremism fuels the move.

Asphalt. That uses oil, doesn’t it? We must stop the use of asphalt. Cobblestones for everyone!

The anti-bag mania, around for a while, has taken on some momentum lately, largely by revenue-seekers hiding behind environmental sensitivity. The latest was in today’s Washington Post: “In D.C., Bags Might Soon Contain a Fee

P.S. In response to the hectoring, commentators often feel compelled to protest their own innocence. Here, too. Your correspondent never uses plastic bags and in fact only buys enough groceries at one time to carry in his pockets or hands. Granted, that means driving to the grocery store four or five times a day, but at least no plastic bags.

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