Card Check: Unions Now Bullying TV Stations

By February 13, 2009Labor Unions

In pushing the Employee Free Choice Act, organized labor says they are trying to protect employees against being threatened and silenced by employers.

And if you disagree, they threaten and try to silence you. The latest:

Teamsters President Urges Local TV Stations To Pull Commercials

WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa today said that anti-union commercials running on local television stations are false and should be taken down.

Anti-worker groups funded by big corporations are spreading misinformation about the Employee Free Choice Act, which is expected to be introduced in Congress soon.

A corporate front group called the “Employee Freedom Action Committee” paid for blatantly false television commercials in Arkansas, Nebraska and North Dakota.

“These ads are dishonest and should be taken down now,” Hoffa said. “It does not serve the public interest to run commercials that lie about legislation important to working families. These ads are funded by big corporations that don’t care about employee freedom, they just care that their employees don’t join unions

Rather than engage in the debate, Hoffa tries to browbeat others into silencing his opponents. It’s no wonder workers fear the Employee Free Choice Act and the loss of the secret ballot. The secret ballot protects them from union organizers whose method of operation is shouting, censoring and bullying.

In the last few weeks we’ve seen the head of Change to Win threaten companies with political retaliation if they oppose the Employee Free Choice Act, and the head of the United Auto Workers play the race card to silence his critics. Now the Teamsters’ Hoffa wants opponents to be kept off the airwaves.

Fundamentally, these union leaders have a real problem with freedom.

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