Card Check: Shouting Down the Criticism

By February 4, 2009Labor Unions

Art Levine, a Washington Monthly editor, attacks employers today for opposing the Employee Free Choice Act in a Huffington Post screed entitled, “Business Lobby Scrambling As Pro-Union Activists Rally Wednesday on Hill.” Included in the usual shouting is an attack against a Shopfloor post, “Card Check: A Rally and Introduction and the Big Lie Technique.” We say attack, not response, as there’s no effort to rebut our assertion that the Employee Free Choice Act eliminates secret ballot union elections. “See, business is panicking!” is the gist of the counterargument. That and, “Liars! You’re just liars!”

In that post, we observed:

We think two political dynamics are at work:

1. The public understands the importance of a secret ballot; polling shows overwhelming opposition to the destruction of secret-ballot elections.

2. Labor wants to intimidate questioning about secret ballots. Such a rabid anti-business ad campaign will certainly be noticed by the media, and the bullying tactics could well have a chilling effect. “How dare you ask that question? You’re a business stooge!”

Proving our point, Levine comments:

The real idiots, though, are members of the media who fall for that line and parrot the claim that the bill takes away the secret ballot — even with the new weasel word, “effectively,” added to the anti-union spin.

So you can bet the union organizers, bloggers and shouters like Levine will be closely reading the media coverage of today’s rally on Capitol Hill, and if any reporter dares write, “Business groups say the Employee Free Choice Act will eliminate the secret ballot,” they’ll be flooded with angry phone calls and e-mails.

Labor’s political modus operandi is bullying, aggressive intimidation of critics — giving good reason to fear the same sort of abuse in “card check” organizing if the Employee Free Choice Act passes.

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