Card Check: President Obama’s Latest Comment

By February 12, 2009Labor Unions

From an interview with regional newspapers, as reported in the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

[The President said] he doesn’t think labor’s controversial “card-check” plan to expand collective bargaining should be postponed because of the ailing economy. “I would love to see a process whereby business and labor get together and deal with some of the problems that have made it very difficult for workers to form a union, but perhaps address some of the legitimate concerns that businesses may have,” the president said.

Agreed. It shouldn’t be postponed because of the ailing economy, it should be defeated because it deprives employees of their choice whether to join a union or not and would strangle business through binding arbitration. In good times and bad, it’s a terrible, anti-democratic, jobs-destroying bill and fundamental reworking of the U.S. economy.

The rest of the statement? Call it what you will — wiggle room, political maneuverability, restraint, statement of aspirationalistic goals.


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