Card Check: Manufacturers Predict Damage to Business, Jobs

By February 11, 2009Labor Unions

A nice job of sounding out a manufacturing audience on the Employee Free Choice Act in Manufacturing & Technology eJournal, “Manufacturers Say Proposed Card Check Law Could Strangle Industry

In a recent survey sent out to Manufacturing & Technology eJournal subscribers, more than 65 percent of respondents said additional labor costs associated with becoming a union shop would devastate their business and possibly force them to close. Nearly 25 percent said at the least it would be a struggle. Less than six percent said absorbing the changes brought by a union wouldn’t be a big deal. (Editors note – some of our reader comments follow at the end of this article).

Rick Little, chairman of the government relations committee for the Dayton Tooling and Manufacturing Association and president of Kettering, Ohio-based Starwin Industries, has followed Card Check closely. He hears unions are promising prospective members a 10 to 15 percent to wage increase for organizing, but can’t imagine how a company his size could survive that type of increase. Starwin has about 50 employees.

The article includes many brief comments from those who responded to the survey. One’s tempted to call the comments visceral, but in reality, they’re informed by experience.  A few examples:

  • This is yet another organized try to take away the American workers freedom to work as they like and not be forced to be a part of an organization that they may or may not agree with. The employees that work for me are making more money then they would be if I were forced to negotiate through a union contract and we have a much happier and more relaxed working environment then we would if our facility was unionized. -Herschel. Floyd County, Indiana



  • Unions need a better understanding of business realities and the need to compete. Unions need regulation and observation not a free hand to feed on the fears of employees during these depressing economic times. –Steve. Phoenix, Arizona.



  • Why is our government bent on destroying the businesses left in the U.S.? Manufacturing has gone everywhere (else) in the world – this is another tool to keep it there. –Albert. Akron, Ohio.



  • No reasonably intelligent politician could believe this law would be good for our country. Their only motivation has to be votes and campaign funds. –Scott. Evansville, Indiana.



  • You think business is bad now, just wait to see what happens if this bill passes. –Ted. Cincinnati, Ohio.



  • Many U.S. manufacturing jobs have left the country. Card Check will supercharge this activity. –Troy. Cincinnati, Ohio.



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