Card Check: Labor Union Money Continues to be Spent on EFCA Rhetoric

By February 1, 2009Labor Unions

The labor front group, American Rights at Work has released a new ad aimed at countering “misleading attacks its opponents have made”. The group claims that there is a “deceptive campaign” under way “to divert attention away from the actual substance of the bill and what it seeks to accomplish.” Well OK, one would think that the ad would go into some detail about what the bill would do right? The bill implements a card check system, allows for government control of wages in the workplace and administers an effective gag rule on employers that attempt to provide their employees information about union representation.

So let’s take a look at the ad, with the script of the audio below:

“The Real Secret” TV: 30
Voice-over: Corporate greed. It’s caused a meltdown of our economy. Just look at the news … or your retirement account.
Now, greedy CEOs want to prevent workers from joining unions to level the playing field. Their new scheme to keep wages low? Spreading lies about the Employee Free Choice Act.
The truth is the Employee Free Choice Act absolutely protects workers’ right to choose a secret ballot election. But the choice would be the workers. Not their bosses.
That’s the secret Big Business doesn’t want you to know.
On Screen Disclaimer: Paid for by American Rights at Work

Hmmm…doesn’t give much detail. What lies are they dispelling? How does this bill protect workers’ rights, when it effectively eliminates secret ballots and would often lead to taking away the right of employees from actually approving their first contract? To get the facts about the Employee ‘FORCED’ Choice Act, click here.

The group’s executive director continues to describe the EFCA by stating:

“The current company dominated system is not balance. It gives employers far too much power to intimidate and harass workers.”

Instead EFCA seeks to undermine the careful crafted within our labor law system, in order to allow labor leaders the ability to intimidate and harass workers.

The AFL-CIO misleadingly describes the EFCA as

“An amendment to the existing National Labor Relations Act that makes no change, no repeal, and no amendment provision that dictates the election process.”

Well I guess technically it amends the NLRA, HOWEVER it is a radical re-write of our current labor law system that intends to send our system back to the 1930s. Far from the modernization our labor law system needs to better reflect the dynamics of employee relations in today’s modern manufacturing economy. At a time when employees are facing so many challenges, wouldn’t money used to buy all this air time and political contributions better spent on workforce development and training programs?

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