Card Check: Doctrine, Disputes and Deviationism

By February 14, 2009Labor Unions

The history of organized labor is full of internecine battles and factional disputes over doctrine, strategies, tactics and cash flows. One’s grasp becomes confused, kind of wobbly. Thankfully, Seth Borden at is still keeping track and ties the latest battles to the Employee Free Choice Act in his post, “Support of EFCA is New Front in War Between UNITE and HERE”:

HERE accuses the UNITE group of weaving propaganda critical of UNITE-HERE leadership throughout its internal EFCA messaging.  While UNITE spokespeople deny this, one needs only to read Bruce Raynor’s recent Huffington Post piece to note his contempt for UNITE-HERE Hospitality President John Wilhelm (a former HERE President).   Amid a laundry list of caustic barbs, Raynor jabs at Wilhelm’s concern that EFCA not be viewed as a “magic wand” for the labor movement — as reflected in this September 2008 memo.  This view of EFCA draws an obvious distinction between the two camps’ leaders, and is probably, in no small part, a seed of the current dispute.

It is crystal clear that Raynor and the former UNITE leadership want nothing other than to end the merger in divorce.  It will be interesting to watch how much of a role organized labor’s efforts to pass EFCA plays in this “War of the Roses.”

Order can only be restored by a strong hand and the discipline imposed by destruction of the secret ballot.

For more accessible news on the Employee Free Choice Act, see this Friday roundup from Mr. Borden, Esquire.

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