Card Check: A Rally! See, It’s a Rally! And a Petition!

By February 4, 2009Labor Unions

Yes, union members will hold a rally on Capitol Hill today attacking business and calling for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. The hook today is submission of a million petition signatures.

Just a million?

Bret Jacobson comments at The D.C. Examiner, “About today’s million-union member march for Employee ‘Free’ Choice Act“:

Consider the larger picture. One million would represent only about one-sixteenth of the unions’ current total membership. Should Congress overhaul an entire labor legal system and remove workplace rights, when only one out of every 16 union members can be bothered to send in propaganda that labor officials have made their highest priority?

Moreover, policymakers would be well advised to take into account the staggering number of working Americans who stand to lose workplace rights under EFCA’s card-check language.

The Heritage Foundation’s James Sherk has estimated that EFCA threatens the right to a secret ballot for 105 million Americans. That sum is well beyond the 69 million Americans who proudly exercised their sacred democratic right to vote—via secret ballot—for President Barack Obama.

A basic principle to remember during all the PR hype.

That said, we don’t denigrate the collection of online petitions as meaningless. They’re a useful enough organizational and advertising tool.

In fact, we even signed this one — 412 times. Look for J. Higginbotham Snagglepuss III. From Bemidji, Minnesota.

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