Card Check: A Discussion in Philadelphia

By February 11, 2009Labor Unions

Philadelphia talk radio station WPHT broadcast an hourlong townhall discussion this morning on the Employee Free Choice Act, focusing today on the employers’ perspective. The Jackson-Lewis law firm helped organize the event, and the firm has an excellent website devoted to the card check legislation.

The program is now available as streaming audio here.

Aric Newhouse, the NAM’s senior vice president for government relations and policy, was one of the panelists. His opening remarks:

Our member companies in this economic environment are facing huge challenges. Using the president’s numbers from Monday night, we’ve lost three million jobs in this country in the last year; we’ve lost 500,000 jobs in the last month. Our companies are facing huge competition from overseas, rising health care costs, rising energy costs… just a very difficult economic environment. This bill is going to put additional cost pressures on our manufacturers, has the potential to make our companies uncompetitive, and will cost jobs.

The program was hosted by Rick Grimaldi. Other panelists:

David Islinger, Jackson-Lewis, Morristown
Steven Law, U.S. Chamber
Marty Payson, Jackson-Lewis, White Plains

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