California, Killing the Economy, One New Regulation at a Time

By February 8, 2009Economy, Energy, Regulations

From Reuters:

LOS ANGELES, Jan 28 (Reuters) – California may be still waiting for the go-ahead to force higher fuel economy in its cars, but the Golden State is moving to crack down on a less obvious energy glutton — the television set.

As television screens grow steadily in size and numbers, sucking more juice from the U.S. power grid, California regulators has [sic] crafted the nation’s first mandatory energy curbs on TVs — and meeting resistance from the industry that makes them.

The California Energy Commission has posted a FAQ on the TV efficiency regulations.

It’s part of a comprehensive conservation strategy that state government is pushing. In addition, the commission is denying the permitting of new energy generation. Televisions save lots of energy during brownouts and blackouts.

Meanwhile, furloughing state employees will save on commuting costs.

And conservation only benefits from outmigration and unemployment higher than the national average. The fewer people producing things in a healthy economy, the less energy is used. It’s a win/win!

Let’s all be California.

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