Before the President’s Address

President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress tonight will focus on economic and domestic issues, understandably so.

Still, the world remains a dangerous place.  

How do we know? The Network TV shows preceding the President’s address.


8 p.m.   9 p.m.
7 WMAR – ABC Homeland Security USA — Manatees?  Presidential Address 2009
4 WRC – NBC The Biggest Loser Presidential Address 2009
5 WTTG – FOX Bones — The Skull in the Sculpture Presidential Address 2009
9 WUSA – CBS NCIS — South by Southwest Presidential Address 2009
22 WMPT – PBS Nova — Rat Attack Presidential Address 2009

Notice the recurring theme? It’s threats, most prominently crime and homeland security.

And overweight people. And rats. And manatees.

Dangers everywhere.

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