Ah, There Are those Executive Orders

By February 3, 2009Labor Unions

The White House website managers have been reorganizing, dropping a separate “Executive Orders” section from the “Briefing Room” tab, replacing it with the more inclusive “Presidential Actions.” It’s just like rearranging furniture when you first move into a new home. There’s still some HTML helter-skelter, but we figure it will all get worked out soon enough.

In the process, the three executive orders the President signed on Friday have now been posted.*

These are the orders that organized labor was so thrilled about. (And that, indeed, an SEIU attorney probably helped write.)

Mickey Kaus of Kausfiles had some pointed commentary about the order on being forced to retain employees of contractors.

* Five days after we had them here at Shopfloor.org. But then, we don’t have to clear things through the executive secretariat.

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