A Strong Case for Commerce Secretary Gregg

By February 3, 2009Economy

Larry Kudlow makes the political and policy case for Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) becoming Commerce Secretary:

The fact that Pres. Obama put Gregg in his cabinet speaks well of the president. Gregg is first-rate. And he might add some bipartisanship to the story, which is what Obama says he wants. Commerce secretary is generally regarded as a lesser post, but if Gregg is invited to the economic policy meetings, as I suspect he will be, then he will be a strong voice at the table — in part because of his own stature and in part because Obama has put him there.

So if the administration wants to go off on a class-warfare binge — jacking up taxes on successful earners and investors — you can bet Judd Gregg will argue strongly against it. In fact, you can bet that Judd Gregg doesn’t like the Pelosi-Reid stimulus package one bit, and that he will argue against it in various administration meetings.

It might be that Obama doesn’t like the Pelosi-Reid bill either, and that the president will be sponsoring major changes in that bill. I have no idea if this is the case, but I am surmising that it could be the case simply because Obama has put Gregg in a visible spot.

Senator Gregg recorded a 100 percent pro-manufacturing record in the 110th Congress as rated by the NAM Key Votes. Previous sessions:

109th: 74 percent

108th: 61 percent

107th: 87 percent

106th: 93 percent

UPDATE (3 p.m.): NAM President John Engler applauds the nomination.

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