When Dependent on Foreign Sources of Energy

By January 19, 2009Energy

To the left a blurb from the cover of the January 12th Focus, a German news magazine:

Fear of the Cold

That’s How Dependent We Are On Russian Natural Gas

Some positive developments have resulted, however. From the Christian Science Monitor, “Russian gas cutoff energizes nuclear comeback “:

With the squabble between Russia and Ukraine leaving much of the continent with uncertain gas supplies, some governments seem to be getting over their “Chernobyl complexes” and are returning to nuclear energy, hoping it will provide a form of reliable, domestically produced energy.

Slovakia and Bulgaria, among the worst hit by the gas cutoff, announced this week that they may reopen Soviet-era reactors that had been dismantled in recent years, before the countries joined the European Union….[snip]

These factors helped prompt the Italian government to recently declare its intention to return to atomic energy, despite two decades of officially shunning the power source.

“What just happened made the Italians understand the importance of energy security [and that] we must go back to nuclear power if we want to become less dependent on others’ moods,” Claudio Scajola, Italy’s minister for economic development, said Monday.


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