Walter Olson on the CPSIA

Walter Olson of the Manhattan Institute joins host Mike Hambrick on “America’s Business” radio program this week to talk about the legal and regulatory headache that is the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

We’ve linked to Walter’s posts quite a few times in recent days, as he covers the grassroots reaction from entrepreneurs and others — toy makers, clothing manufacturers, even thrift stores — who discover that the CPSIA’s testing requirements are onerous and expensive and will force the removal of many items from shops. (Stock up now for your child’s First Communion, because the products are going away.)

For the full interview as an .mp3 file, click here. And marvel at the excesses that result when Congress legislates in excited response to “consumer groups” stirring up a media frenzy.

We’ll have the full America’s Business program up later this evening.

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