Senator Mark Warner on Trade

By January 19, 2009Trade

From Senator Warner’s remarks today to the NAM:

Trade: You see from both the left and the right a growing resistance to the internationalization of our markets. We cannot retreat back from this global economy. We’ve got to have rules of the road, and those rules have to be enforced, but we must make sure that America is fully integrated into the global economy.

UPDATE: (4:15 p.m.): Senator Warner mentioned his recently announced committee assignments: Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs; and Commerce, Science and Transportation. The Washington Post has all the Democratic assignments, with assignments still awaiting the newly arriving ones: Burris, Begich and the Minnesota Senator.

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  • Carrie Rowley says:

    I know an aid will read this but I hope it will get to you, senator. This stimulus package is a joke. You are a business man and I hope you use good business sense in implimenting this. I see our president is not following up on his campaine promises, transparency, for one, How can you vote on something you haven’t read. I’m sorry but our president is not king of this country and just because he says I want does not mean everyone cow tails to him. We voted to put you in office to respresent us in the congress but if you can’t do that we do have the power to throw you out! Just remember the president puts his pants on the same as you, one leg at a time.. As a new member of congress please represent us and not the president of the US.

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