Senator Kit Bond Announces He Will Not Seek Re-election

Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond (R-MO) made the announcement in remarks today before the Missouri General Assembly, saying as the state’s former youngest governor, he chooses not to seek to become its oldest Senator.

On the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Bond worked tirelessly during the debate over the renewal of the FISA surveillance authority, defending the ability to conduct legal, necessary surveillance of foreign terrorists. We especially appreciated his vigorous defense of civil immunity for the telecommunication companies that assisted in legitimate requests to monitor foreign-based communications; Senator Bond recognized the importance of not punishing the private sector through lawsuits designed that would undermine national security while rewarding trial lawyers.

From Bond’s news release:

“In a world today where enemies are real – the kind who behead others based on their religion – it is important to remember there is a lot of real estate between a political opponent and a true enemy,” said Bond. “Our cause is bigger than ourselves. Events in the world and threats will continue to challenge us in significant ways.”

Just so.

There are still two years to go in the Senator’s term, and as a member of the Senate and Environmental Works Committee, he definitely has wisdom and experience to offer in the upcoming debate over transportation and infrastructure issues.

Good luck, Senator, and thank you.

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