Roy Pearson, Go Away…And Take Your Suits With You

By January 6, 2009Briefly Legal

Can we at least get the court to order sanctions this time?

Tying up more public resources and abusing the same small-business owners again and again and again, Roy Pearson has filed for a rehearing of the dismissal of the $54 million lawsuit he brought against his D.C. drycleaners, the Chungs, for supposedly misplacing his pants.

The Chungs’ attorney, Chris Manning, notifies us this morning that Pearson filed a Petition for Rehearing or Rehearing En Banc with the DC Court of Appeals, asking to have the December 18, 2008 denial of his appeal of the pants lawsuit overturned. (See the petition, here.)

Manning says in an e-mail that if the petition for a rehearing is granted, the original panel of three judges that heard the case would rehear the case. If the petition for rehearing en banc is granted, the entire panel of DC Court of Appeals judges would rehear the case. Pearson could also eventually petition for the United States Supreme Court to hear the case, although surely he would be stopped before that, right?

Manning adds:

Mr. Pearson’s Petition is sad and unfortunate.  Amazingly, despite two resounding defeats, Mr. Pearson has, once again, decided to prolong the needless agony of this case for the Chungs, for the DC taxpayers and for everyone involved.  The Chungs and I hope the DC Court of Appeals will deny Mr. Pearson’s Petition and will put this case to rest in this jurisdiction.  Most importantly, the Chungs and I call on Mayor Fenty and the DC City Council to amend the very vague and often unfair DC Consumer Protection Act so that cases like this cannot happen again.

Pearson’s obsessive litigation has cost the Chungs more than $100,000 in legal costs, and they closed two of their drycleaning outlets because of the legal harassment. Pearson lost his D.C. administrative law judge post because of his litigiousness, and has become a subject of international mockery and opprobrium, deservedly so.

Perhaps we’ve missed it, but despite repeated calls for reforms to the D.C. Consumer Protection Act, we’ve not seen comments on the subject from Mayor Fenty or the Council. Let’s get moving.

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