Redirecting Transparency

By January 21, 2009Regulations

If you now direct your browser to, you get the redirect message seen on the left. So the transition site is all gone?

Not really, at least not for now. For all you transparency mavens, you can still get to the documents posted from meetings and submissions to the transition team at the Your Seat at the Table. Hope that stays up.

Meanwhile, lots of emphasis on transparency on the redesigned White House website.

How soon before we see a counter-intuitive piece from a smart reporter along the lines of “Transparency Mania Hinders Open Debate, Productive Policy Discussions?” There IS an argument, you know…

UPDATE: New York Times writer foreshadows that story in “Obama Renovates“:”Like so much else on this hopeful day, there is the lingering question about how many of the Web site’s lofty aspirations will survive the rough work of governing in a complex world and cynical capital.”


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