President Obama and Organized Labor V, Executive Orders Authorship

By January 31, 2009General, Labor Unions

Check the metadata of the following executive order signed by President Obama yesterday, and you’ll find the author of the original .pdf document:

It’s Craig Becker, associate general counsel of the Service Employees International Union, the SEIU. (Or counsel.)*

Becker served on the Obama transition’s “agency review team” for the Department of Labor.

Guess that’s what they meant by “Your Seat at the Table.”

* It’s entirely possible that Becker has joined the Administration. He’s not on the Department of Labor’s key personnel list, however. (And we’re not able to check further since it’s early Saturday morning. The executive orders are still not posted at the White House’s website, we note. We received the .pdfs via e-mail from an attorney friend.)

UPDATE A broken url. Now fixed.

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