Not a Battlefield Promotion

Funny observation in Jay Nordlinger’s “Impromptus” column today:

More on language: A friend wrote (not in text), “Have you noticed the fashion of calling attorneys general by their adjective? I was reminded just now when Geraldo called Jerry Brown ‘General Brown.’”

We don’t cite Nordlinger around here much except when he’s at Davos; he writes mostly about culture with a dose of foreign policy. But his column yesterday at National Review Online, “My Kingdom for a Safe Zone,” was a joy to read, albeit a depressing joy, and it warrants a plug. Nordlinger chronicled the incessant inclusion of left-wing political commentary and snobbery in what should be apolitical cultural events like symphonies. We see the same phenomenon in rock ‘n roll acts, of course: OK, Elvis, we get it, you’re against the war. Now shut up and sing.

Anyway, outstanding column.

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