NAM’s John Engler on Stimulus, the Economic Mood

By January 30, 2009Economy, Taxation

The NAM’s President and CEO, John Engler, was in NYC Wednesday for business and included several meetings with the media in his day. Here are two video interviews with Roger Parloff, senior editor of Fortune.

From “Stimulus hazards”:  

We think in the package, the stimulus package, the infrastructure investments are solid, could be more of them. They need to be focused on what will work to improve America’s competitiveness long term. We certainly think some of the tax cuts are helpful; they should be permanent and send a real positive signal about our intent to compete.

There’s a lot of spending in there that I would say is suspect. When you get $800-billion-plus in one spot, a lot of people are going to be reaching their hands in, hoping for a share of that. What we’ve got to be focused on, is with the long-term debt that we’ve got in the entitlement programs, with the deficit in the national budget and the deficits in the state level, the money we spend better be targeted well.


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