Making Those Doctors Pay

Catching our eye at the American Association of Justice’s homepage – – and its Legal Research and Exchange section are an abundance of new materials to aid trial lawyers in their punitive pursuits.

New Packet! Litigating Claims Against Foreign Manufacturers: China [January 2009; 970 pages]

New Update! Failure to Diagnose a Pulmonary Embolism [January 2009; 2,148 pages]

New Update! Birth Injury: Cerebral Palsy and Intrapartum Hypoxia [January 2009; 1,374 pages]

New Packet! State Farm Automobile Claims [January 2009; 2,533 pages]

New Update! Heart Device Recalls [January 2009; 840 pages]

New Update! A Guide Through Preemption [January 2009; 1,666 pages]

New Update! Discovery Strategy: Effective Use of Rules 30(b)(5), 30(b)(6), and 34 [January 2009; 831 pages]

No wonder that legislatures in Hawaii, Wyoming and other states are actively pursuing limits on non-economic damages in medical malpractice suits. Some people really ARE out to get the doctors.

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