Inauguration ’09, The Fireworks Will Be Metaphorical

Washington Post, “Losing That Special Spark — No Fireworks in Obama Festivities

For the first time in 28 years, there will be no fireworks on the Mall during inaugural festivities.

“We never discussed having fireworks as part of the events. It just didn’t come up,” Linda Douglass, a spokeswoman for the incoming president’s inaugural committee, said yesterday.

In repeated public announcements, the committee has promised that Barack Obama’s inauguration will be “the most open and accessible inauguration in American history.” But the lack of fireworks represents a departure from one of the most accessible traditions that accompany the celebration of a new presidency. A fireworks display has been a feature of the past seven consecutive inaugurations, starting with Ronald Reagan’s in 1981.

No mention of last summer’s fireworks shortage due to problems with warehousing and shipping in China. Or whether there was any concerns about environmental symbolism, although one should never confuse particulates with carbon dioxide emissions.

Speaking of which …

From The Chilling Effect blog, “IFL: Inauguration Will Produce 575 MILLION Pounds of CO2!“:

Everyone knows the new administration will be the greenest in modern times. But you might not know how un-green the Inauguration is going to be. The Institute For Liberty scratched together some rough figures for illustrative purposes, and our new analysis Carbon Bigfoot finds:

  • Celebrities, politicians, and bigwigs using 600 private jets will produce 25,320,000 POUNDS of CO2
  • Personal vehicles could account for 262,483,200 POUNDS of CO2
  • In the parade, horses alone will produce more than 400 POUNDS of CO2
  • The total carbon footprint for the Inauguration will likely exceed 575 million POUNDS of CO2
  • It would take the average U.S. household 57,598 years to produce a carbon footprint equal to that of the new president’s housewarming party

The IFL is quick to note that it’s not criticizing the travel or commerce involved — those can be good things that keep America moving and prosperous. But some people want to tax and regulate carbon emissions, and they happen to be the same people pumping out carbon dioxide like it’s going out of style.

And though you should never confuse weather and climate, here’s the local weather at the moment. The wind is freshening.

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