Inauguration ’09: Sometimes a Party is Just a Party

By January 15, 2009Inauguration '09

One of the most insulting headlines we’ve seen in a Washington paper in some time, “Special interests prey on Inaugural.”

This Washington Times story carried a subhed, “Lobbyists fund power parties.”

Prey? Prey? Like vultures descending on the fresh carrion of power?

These stories are so tired, so predictable, so jerking of knee: Powerful special interests circumvent openness to curry favor with politicians.

This go-around, the new angle for some is that the Obama campaign/transition/Administration vowed not to do business as usual, and yet…oh my!

  • Marketplace, “Keeping tabs on inaugural funding
  • Washington Times, “Interest groups descend on DC
  • MSNBC, “Who Picks Up Tab For Officials’ Inauguration Trips?
  • Wall Street Journal, “Wall Street Is Big Donor to Inauguration
  • Charlotte Observer, “Interest groups pony up for NC inaugural
  • Media General, “Corporations Sponsoring Florida’s Unofficial Inaugural Bashes
  • Sometimes a party is just a party. There’s a moment of history taking place, the inauguration of the United States’ 44th President, and people want to take part.

    After all, an inaugural bash with dancing and heavy hors d’oeuvres is not a productive venue for building relationships with Members of Congress or incoming Administration officials. Discussions at NAM HQ have centered around logistics and planning so everything runs smoothly and NAM members and guests have a good time. It IS a good venue for having fun amid a democratic change of power and the turning of great events. (Did you know a flock of vultures is also called a venue?)

    It’s not just business, you know. We suggest other, just as valid headlines:

    The photo above is of the JW Marriott, next door to NAM HQ, where so much preying will take place over the next week.

    For more on the NAM’s inaugural events, we prey you, go here.

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