Inauguration ’09: Record Metro Crowds

Auguries for a complete collapse of the Metro on the day of the Inaugural were in abundance last week, and the recent, frequent failings of the mass transit system have been documented on the blog, here, here and here.

Well, it was a record, Million Passenger Day (probably a million), and Metro hung together. From the D.C. Examiner, “Metro soars past ridership records.” Stations near the Mall were overwhelmed at the end of events, but that happens on the Fourth of July, too.

Our own experience was pretty good. Metro ran buses straight down Connecticut Avenue to Dupont Circle, and after the first three passed by full, another one stopped with plenty of room. So an hour to NAM-HQ? Not bad.

By the time we left, 7 p.m., the Red Line trains at Metro Center were at maybe 20 percent capacity. The bus ran late, but, eh…

So all in all,  acceptable performance. Really, no need to request FEMA disaster aid.

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