Inauguration ’09: Practice Run for the Parade

By January 11, 2009Inauguration '09

A trial run of the Inaugural Parade, Sunday morning, Pennsylvania Avenue.

Temperature, upper ’30s. Overcast. Wind from the west, about 10 miles, with gusts to 20.

Almost purely a military affair this morning, with placeholders for the other entries in the official January 20th parade. Lots and lots of standing around.

Washington Post continues its admirable coverage in today’s paper, including reporting on the practice:

Inauguration Rehearsal, Parade Taking Place in D.C.”:

Roxanne Ikner, 37, brought her three children to watch the rehearsal of the swearing-in, and after a pit stop at a McDonald’s, the group landed at Freedom Plaza to await the fake parade.

“This is the closest we’re actually going to get,” Ikner said. “Even if we can’t be part of the real thing, we can be part of the rehearsal.”

Ikner said she may trek downtown on the 20th but she will likely leave Danielle, 12, Carlton, 10, and Kendall, 4, at home. She said “it’ll be crazy” as Kendall sat in a stroller, wrapped in a blanket and munching on apples.

The Freedom Plaza, in front of the NAM headquarters, is where I shot the above photo.

More Post coverage, including a schedule of next week’s events in the first item:

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