Inauguration ’09, A Few Morning Thoughts

By January 13, 2009General, Inauguration '09

To the left, a typical Pennsylvania Avenue street scene. If the concrete barriers that are so common are called Jersey Barriers, what do you call the aluminum racks used to the pen in the public? Isle of Man Traps?

Best part of the rotating inaugural announcements on the Metro public announcement system: “Wear comfortable shoes!” Thanks, Metro! Those stiletto heels are going right back in the closet.

The Cleveland Park Metro station was closed this morning, as was the main commuting route of Connecticut Avenue, with local public radio first reporting the problem as a fire and then a suspicious car. At least one Metro train just passed through Cleveland Park with no notice or explanation. Thank goodness everyone was wearing comfortable shoes.

Transportation during a major event is a tough job, so no more kvetching today. In fact, the Washington Metro Transit Authority has many, many resources available to ease your paths through Inaugural Week (or is it Inaugural Month?). Look here. And here’s the FAQ.

Security planning has at times seemed over the top — closing all the bridges from Virginia? — but then, we don’t know how many threats and crazy claims and legitimate dangers are surfacing during preparations. What if the suspicious vehicle at Cleveland Park turned out to be a car bomb? What if a highly trained team of rogue killers attacks the Sangala Embassy on Foxhall Road in attempt to kidnap Prime Minister Matobo?

No, wait, that’s the fourth hour episode of “24.

Best crazy location compression in last night’s special two-hour broadcast: FBI agent Renee interviews a suspect in a hospital room, obviously in a major hospital with lots of security. Seconds after finishing, she walks across the street to her car, talking on her cell phone. Now, that’s the Botanical Gardens, and that’s obviously Independence Avenue, so that means the hospital is located…in the HHS Building! Well of course you torture patients there. It’s Brutalism.

More coverage from the Washington Post…

 Please, please, please, Bruce, Bono and Beyonce — just play. That’s a great show you’ve got planned at the Lincoln Monument, but the inspirational applause lines could get awfully old, awfully quick. And you know Jack Bauer doesn’t have time for preaching.

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