Friday Follies: Super Bowl Springsteen Edition, ‘Do Your Job!’

By January 30, 2009General

Man of the people, Woody Guthrie invoking, blue collar guitar hero Bruce Springsteen is playing the halftime show at the Super Bowl and has an exclusive marketing deal to sell his greatest hits collection through Walmart. Not since Metallica’s James Hetfield went shopping at Armani has reality so clashed with marketing-derived image.

The video is Patrick Hulne, complaining: “At the risk of sounding like a repetitive jerk, I’m the Boss, get back to work.” And here’s another video, not satire, Springsteen rehearsing for the “Dancing in the Dark” video.

In other Bruce commentary, Jim DeRogatis of the Chicago Sun-Times — and the excellent Sound Opinions radio programreviews Springsteen’s latest, “Working on a Dream.” Jim is not a Springsteen fan.

Ah, well: We all know that as with every Rolling Stones album released in the last 30 years, “Working on a Dream” essentially is just the prelude to the next Springsteen tour, which is where the money’s really at. (The 2007-2008 “Magic” tour took in more than $230 million at the box office, according to Billboard.) And if you doubt that this album is merely just hype for the next jaunt through America’s enormodomes, let’s just count how many of these new songs the Boss plays at the Super Bowl.

P.S. Saw the Darkness tour in Portland, December 19th, 1978, and it was a great show. Many shows since. And yes, he’s stimulating the economy — especially the electric utilities — but boy, is the shtick tired.

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