Energy Nominee Chu Says Good Things About Energy, Coal

By January 13, 2009Energy

Which is reassuring…

From Washington Times, “Obama energy pick backs coal

President-elect Barack Obama’s choice to head the Energy Department told senators Tuesday that developing “clean coal” technology must be a national priority and said the ban on offshort drilling should not be reinstated.

Steven Chu, Mr. Obama’s designated energy secretary, also said Congress should maintain and expand its nuclear loan program and not put back into place a longtime ban on offshore oil-and-gas drilling.

“I think it is imperative to use coal as cleanly as possible,” Mr. Chu said Tuesday at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. …[snip]

Mr. Chu clarified previous remarks he had made that coal was his “worst nightmare,” saying that the nation will have to rely on coal power while it develops alternative energy sources and improves energy efficiency.

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