Card Check: A Few More Question for Union Leaders Expected

By January 11, 2009General, Labor Unions

The Atlanta Journal Constitution ran a piece this morning regarding the changing dynamic of the workforce and questions presented to union leaders by younger union members.

“As president of a local, I now receive text messages from young members. No meetings, no phone calls, a few e-mails, but mostly text messages. They ask questions like, ‘Why does it seem to say one thing on Page 15 of the agreement and the exact opposite on Page 276? Is it really necessary to follow the rules all the time? Why are my dues so high? What do you guys do with all that money?’ And finally,” she said, “the one that’s the most difficult, ‘What’s this seniority thing all about? Why do I have to wait in line for a position when I’m as qualified as the person working right next to me?’ “

If the Employee Free Choice Act passes, these union leaders should be prepared to answer a few more questions like: “Why am I forced to choose union representation without a private vote?”  and “Why am I unable to vote on the first labor contract.”?

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