Blogosphere Wishes: Hello, Sip & Savor; Farewell, Pharmalot

By January 12, 2009Economy, Taxation

Our friends at the American Beverage Association have launched a new blog, Sip & Savor, providing commentary on public policy, the latest news, and the world of soda, waters, juices and other liquid refreshments.

The beverage industry has emerged as recently as another popular target for the state and local revenue raisers, so this is definitely a place to seek commentary on the parching, non-stimulative effects of taxes. You know, like New York Gov. David Paterson’s proposed 18 percent tax on non-alcoholic drinks.

We’ve added Sip & Savor to the blogroll to the left.

Meanwhile, he is who is not busy being born is being…well, that’s too Dylanesque. We’ll just say goodbye to Pharmalot, the blog of the Newark Star-Ledger that covered the pharmaceutical industry, a major presence in the New Jersey economy. The newpaper business is facing tough times lately, and even though newspaper-related blogs have much to offer in the way of resources and focus, they also demand employee time and effort. Triage.

(Judging by the Sunday Star-Ledger, the paper is continuing to cover the pharmaceutical business. See this story, “Experts: No such thing as free antibiotics.” The story is a platform for critics of recent trends in retail marketing of drugs.)

Elsewhere in the blogging world, from Instapundit, we see that Autoblog is covering the Detroit Auto Show. Many, many cool vehicles.

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