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By December 17, 2008Energy, Global Warming

The Oil and Gas Journal put together a nice roundup of reaction from leading industry sources and associations reaction to President-elect Obama’s naming of his energy and environmental team. We’ll pick out the comments from the head of the independent producers group, but there’s lots of commentary of interest here.

Independent Petroleum Association of America Pres. Barry Russell said the speed with which the national economy finds its way back to the path of prosperity and long-term job creation will depend on steps the country takes now to assure that affordable domestic energy sources remain available and accessible in the future. “Each of the talented and experienced men and women the president-elect has chosen to lead his energy team will play an important role in ensuring that future access, and it is our hope and expectation to be in a position to work with these leaders moving forward as we look for ways to create new jobs, deliver new revenue, and produce more American energy for the use and benefit of the American people,” Russell said.

“Of course, the easiest and most direct way of accomplishing those goals while continuing to build a sustainable bridge to an alternative energy future is through the safe and responsible development of clean-burning natural gas and the abundant reserves of American oil that remain central to our country’s near-term recovery,” Russell said. “The platform on which the president-elect campaigned often acknowledged this fact, and our members look forward to building upon that awareness while continuing to deliver the affordable energy our country needs to remain in the future the first-rate nation that it is today,” he said.

The one appointee-to-be who didn’t get much attention is Heather Zichal, currently co-chair for energy and environmental policy at the Obama transition team, as deputy assistant for energy and climate change, i.e., Carol Browner’s deputy.

Zichal is a former staffer for Senator Kerry and his 2004 presidential campaign. Grist, the environmentalist website, had a good interview with her last October, revealing a policy person careful to stick to her candidate’s themes and promise many good things in a harmonious world. For a campaign staffer, that’s the best approach: Key quote:

I think from Sen. Obama’s perspective, climate and energy policy go hand-in-hand. His goal would be to try and move climate legislation in tandem with energy legislation, and I think the good news about that is moving them together makes more policy sense, but also you might be able to bring more votes and additional support along if you can lay out this comprehensive plan that’s good for consumers, creates jobs, and invests in a diverse energy future.

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