One Confirmation: SEIU Official was THE Official, Andy Stern

By December 9, 2008Labor Unions

No allegation of wrongdoing. Just powers that be, swimming powerfully through the seas of power. From Politico, Ben Smith’s blog:

Source: ‘SEIU official’ was Stern

A Democratic source confirms that SEIU President Andy Stern is the “SEIU official” referred to in the federal complaint against Rod Blagojevich.

There’s no allegation that the SEIU official did anything wrong, and what appears to be a wiretap transcript has the official reacting non-commitally to Blagojevich’s offer of a quid pro quo. Another Democratic source tells me that Stern was been in Chicago November 3 meeting with Blagojevich, a discussion thought to have included talk about the Senate seat — though that meeting isn’t mentioned in the complaint.

An SEIU spokesman didn’t respond to a call or email seeking comment.

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