LaHood as a Possible Secretary of Transportation

By December 18, 2008Infrastructure

The designations for Cabinet appointments are now coming out by the day from the Obama Camp, with the latest rumored appointee to be Republican Rep. Ray LaHood of Illinois as Secretary of Transportation. While not unprecedented (Secretary Mineta being a Democrat appointed by President Bush), it’s a strong signal from the Obama Transition Team that the President-elect really is interested in reaching across party lines and creating a group of experienced, skilled leaders offering many different points of view in his Administration.

LaHood is a moderate Republican from Peoria, and his NAM voting record has been a very good one over the years (albeit with some slippage in the 110th Congress). You can review his NAM Key Vote tally here.

110th Congress: 53 percent
109th Congress: 87 percent
108th Congress: 85 percent
107th Congress: 90 percent
106th Congress: 79 percent
105th Congress: 72 percent

Transportation-specific votes represent a relatively portion of these vote rankings, but competitiveness and costs for manufacturers are certainly critical to infrastructure. In any case, that’s a strong record in support of manufacturing, so yay for Ray.

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