Getting Ready for the Inaugural; the NAM is also Preparing

By December 12, 2008General

The photo is of the work going on in front of the White House, construction of the bleachers on Pennsylvania Avenue a full five weeks before the presidential inauguration. Wet and chilly morning here in D.C., so stay warm, fellows.

This is the most obvious sign of the coming inaugural events we’ve seen, unless the Metro’s broken escalators count. (Are they really broken? Maybe they’re just practicing strategic downgrading of infrastructure. From today’s Washington Post: “For the presidential inaugural, Metro is planning to stop all down escalators as a safety precaution to prevent people from piling up on crowded station platforms. They have not decided whether up escalators will be operating.” Here’s a suggestion: Wise up!)

The National Association of Manufacturers is certainly gearing up for the commemorations, celebrations, ceremonies and cavalcades that will accompany the January 20th swearing in of President Obama. Our theme: “Manufacturing – Strength of the Past. Power of the Present. Hope for the Future.”

Our big event is the Gala Celebration, Sunday, January 18th, at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center, right across Pennsylvania Avenue from NAM-HQ.

We have an NAM website devoted to the inaugural events, and tickets are indeed available to the gala,

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