Congratulations Sen. Chambliss, Keep Fighting Card Check

By December 3, 2008Labor Unions

Senator Saxby Chamblis (R-GA) handily won the run-off election in Georgia on Tuesday, defeating Jim Miller 57-43 percent. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution coverage.) His victory ensures that the Democrats will not gain the 60 votes needed to break a filibuster; Democrats now hold 58 seats (including the two independent but caucusing Democrats), and the Minnesota contest between Senator Norm Coleman, a Republican, and Al Franken remains in recount.

The Washington Post story, “Republican Chambliss Wins Georgia Runoff,” cites Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s comments that maintaining the 41 seats is essential for forcing compromise — except on the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act.

McConnell has said Republicans will sharply oppose one measure backed by Obama and most Democrats: requiring businesses to recognize labor unions if a majority of employees fill out cards supporting unionization, rather than the current requirement for a secret ballot in such votes. Labor unions back the provision, while many business groups oppose it.

“It’s unacceptable. It’s overwhelmingly unpopular,” McConnell said recently. “That is the kind of thing that they ought not to pursue. And if they do pursue, it ought to be defeated.”

Chambliss has been an outspoken leader against the anti-democratic, job-killing card-check legislation. We’re glad he’s there to keep fighting.

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