Card Check: In Light of Business’ Views, Boycott Everything!

By December 10, 2008Labor Unions

More measured commentary from The Huffington Post, in this case the long-time labor activist and writer, Jonathan Tasini:

McDonald’s really knows how to celebrate liberty and justice. On the eve of the international recognition Human Rights Day, McDonald’s announced it will launch a massive campaign to defeat the Employee Free Choice Act. So, let’s respond in kind: boycott McDonald’s.

Jonathan, it’s not just McDonalds, or restaurateurs, or the hospitality industry. You’ll be hard pressed to find ANY employer in the private sector — manufacturing, retail, service — who supports the Employee Free Choice Act. It’s a rare employer indeed who would welcome a law that organized labor will use to browbeat unwilling employees into joining a union, leading to higher labor costs and, even worse, restrictive work rules that will tie the hands of business in the competitive marketplace.

If the Huffington Post’s readers applied your reasoning consistently, they’d have to boycott almost EVERYTHING. Makes for a dark and cold Christmas, warmed only by the fires of zealousness.

P.S. Give Tasini points for honesty, though. He admits he doesn’t eat fast-food burgers.

P.P.S. There’s a lot of dishonest huffing and puffing this week from laborites about Human Rights Day, claiming that the United States is some sort of human rights violator because employees and employers have the right to request a secret-ballot election when determining a workplace’s union status. The right to NOT join a union, to NOT be compelled into membership is also a human right. So spare us the sanctimony and moral equivalency.

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