Card Check: Ghoulish

By December 2, 2008Labor Unions

From an e-mail to a colleague, sent 10:52 a.m., November 29. “Mark the time: 11 a.m. Saturday. Carter predicts some union activist will say pass the Employee Free Choice Act to prevent this kind of trampling death.”

News release, Wal-Mart Watch, an anti-Wal-Mart organization, 5 p.m., December 2, “Wal-Mart Watch Statement Regarding Wal-Mart Worker Tragedy on Long Island“:

“Wal-Mart’s stubbornness makes the Employee Free Choice Act the next best alternative. The legislation will make it easier for workers to form unions should they choose to do so — and more difficult for Wal-Mart to thwart the process, which it has done time and time again. 

That’s pure exploitation of a tragedy for political ends, once again proving the adage that the left cares only for humanity in the abstract, and individuals be damned.

UPDATE (6:35 p.m.): Michael Moynihan at spots the phenomenon as well, in this case the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union exploiting the terrible events. From “There’s Safety in the Union“:

It is true, in its way. Perhaps the UFCW could argue that had the Long Island Wal-Mart been a union shop, wages would be much higher, as would be the price of the products on its shelves—thus potentially preventing the crush of bargain hunters.

In other Wal-Mart stampede news, the New York Times refers to the death in Long Island as a “shopping Guernica,” comparing the trampling death to a Nazi bombing raid during the Spanish Civil War. And according to the Times, it was all rather predictable anyway, because big business like Wal-Mart are controlling our minds and making us kill for plasma televisions.

Awful, awful, awful. Is no one capable of observing a moment of silent sympathy?

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