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By December 18, 2008Labor Unions

From Gerald McIntee, head of AFSCME, telling the Washington Times that the unions put a lot of time and effort and money, money, money into supporting the Obama campaign:

The payback would be Employee Free Choice Act – that would be a vehicle to strengthen and build the American labor movement and the middle class…It’s the condition of the country, it’s health care, it’s the Employee Free Choice Act, it’s some kind of effort made in protection of their pensions. These are big and major items.

Elsewhere, the People’s Weekly World reports labor’s plans for action on the Employee Free Choice Act:

[According] to David Eckstein, national AFL-CIO assistant director for organizing, labor is hopeful the bill will be an integral part of Obama’s recovery package and is working for it to be adopted in the House in March and in the Senate in May. Speaking at this month’s meeting of delegates to the North Shore labor federation, Eckstein called the Employee Free Choice Act “the biggest bill for working class people in 30 years” and said the labor movement intends to campaign for it in the same way it worked for the election of Obama.

Thanks for the political intelligence, comrades. In pursuit of the free exchange of ideas, here’s our strategy: We intend to oppose the abusive scheme for forced unionization in January. And then in February. March, too. April, yes, you bet. May? Ja! We’ll fight it on May Day, and May 2, and etc.

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