Card Check: AFL-CIO Decides No Enemies on the Green Left

From the AFL-CIO blog:

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poznan, Poland, one of the largest environmental groups, the Natural Resources Defense Council, announced its support of the bill, which would level the playing field by allowing workers to choose how to join a union. Also at the conference, the Sierra Club reiterated its support.

It’s baffling why the AFL-CIO would tout the endorsement of its legislative priority by a group that fights economic growth tooth and nail and fang and claw. The radical NRDC hates domestic oil production, despises the coal industry, regards the chemical industry as dangerous and depraved, and accuses the productive sectors of the economy of racism.

In short, the NRDC wants to close down vast sectors of the manufacturing economy, in the process putting millions of AFL-CIO members out of work.

So why in the world would the unions make common cause with the environmentalist left on card check? The AFL-CIO’s leadership must have decided that actually representing their current membership’s interests is not a priority. Better to force unwilling employees into union membership to extract dues from them.

Strange that the rank and file would acquiesce to their leadership’s alliance with the jobs-destroyers.

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