Bring Back the Churchkeys, Too

By December 4, 2008Economy, Labor Unions

The Detroit News takes a slight breather today in its coverage of the Detroit auto industry, with a mere score of articles, while expanding its sights overseas:

Michigan needs to act like the Big 3

Daniel Howes: Conventional wisdom holds that Michigan is entering Year Seven of its one-state recession because Detroit’s automakers are tanking — and poised to drive off a cliff.

 Toyota to cut domestic output amid slowing demand

TOKYO — Toyota is starting to feel the pinch of the global slowdown at home. 7:04 am

  • Honda to cut jobs in Britain, Japan amid global slump
  • Britain new car sales down 37 percent in November
  • Some place their hopes in nostalgia.

    A ’60s classic back in Motown

    Schlitz’s Classic 1960s beer is back on shelves after nearly three decades, prompted by demands from aficionados hankering for the maltier, full-bodied lager.


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