When Discussing Federal Aid

By November 18, 2008General

In an online post today at National Review Online, former Bush speechwriter and conservative writer David Frum gives advice to Republicans vis a vis federal aid to banks and businesses. Frum sees a flood of campaign money from the rescued institutions flowing to Democratic candidates and proposes a response:

In fact, here’s a very practical immediate suggestion for Republicans: How about a law forbidding campaign contributions by officials of companies in which the federal government holds an ownership stake? Otherwise, banks will be giving massive amounts of money to politicians who have given even more massive sums to the banks. A Democratic Congress may refuse to adopt such a measure, but even opening a conversation on the topic may inhibit the most egregious extraction of funds …

Why stop with abrogating their First Amendment rights? Why not require company officials to sign away their Second Amendment rights, too? Heck, let’s quarter some troops in their homes while we’re at it.

UPDATE (10:44 a.m.): Mark Levin reacts skeptically:

Re This Should Be H.R. 1 Next Year    [Mark R. Levin]

Why just banks?  How about prohibiting contributions from anyone (or entity) on the public dole?  Given how the government is into virtually everything, I suppose very little money would be raised in the next campaign.  This needs a little more consideration.

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