Upon the Reopening of the Museum of American History

President Bush gave remarks yesterday at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, which officially reopens tomorrow after a two-year renovation project. The President’s remarks are here.

The Washington Post put the reopening on page one today, “America’s Attic Is Ready for Its Public,” with second deck of the headline, “With Orders to Get Organized and More Relevant, The American History Museum Reinvents Itself.”

Relevant? Oh boy. But perhaps it’s just a platitude as opposed to a full embrace of the superficially entertaining and politically correct. 

Any museum that’s gone through such an effort to house and pay tribute to the history of the Star Spangled Banner is on the right track.

And the Gettysburg Address is on display through January. Along with the document, there’s a recording you can listen to, as the Post explains:

Also new is a gallery dedicated to documents, where a copy of the Gettysburg Address, in Lincoln’s hand and lent by the White House, will be displayed until Jan. 4. A touch screen brings up the voice of actor Liam Neeson reading the address.

Liam Neeson? The Irishman?

Speaking of the superficially entertaining but somehow apt, there’s a “Family Guy” spoof of Neeson playing a cowboy. The bonnetted woman cries, “But, Montana, when will you be back?” Neeson replies:

That’s none of your concern. You got to take care of the offspring.
Gonna take a fortnight at least to get this herd down to St. Louis on Mississippi.
This glen’s gonna be tough to traverse,
and that river’s got to be 50, 60 meters wide.
And God knows how many fathoms.
To hell with parliamentary procedure. We’ve got to wrangle up some cattles.

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