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By November 14, 2008America's Business

Americas-Business-logo.jpgPresident-elect Barack Obama wants to make improving America’s infrastructure – our roads, transportation systems, rails and waterways – one of his top priorities.

One group that wants to make that a reality is the The New America Foundation. Foundation Senior Fellow Michael Lind will appear on this week’s “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick” radio program to talk about why America is lagging when it comes to infrastructure.

“We’ve inherited a great 20th century infrastructure,” Lind says. “But it’s the 21st century and our competitors, including developed countries like those in Europe and Japan but also rising countries like China, invest far more than we do.”

Congress recently passed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 to help pull our economy out of recession. That law includes several tax provisions that could help manufacturers through this rough economic period.

National Association of Manufacturers Vice President of Tax and Domestic Economic Policy Dorothy Coleman will explain these tax provisions to listeners. Meanwhile, Ace Clearwater Enterprises Vice President Gary Johnson and Bill Morin, Director of Government Affairs for Applied Materials, will talk about how the tax provisions specifically benefited their companies.

There was recently a major development in developing more nuclear power in America. Jarret Adams, spokesman for Areva Corp., will join Mike to discuss his company’s partnership with Northrop Grumman on a new nuclear reactor supply plant in Virginia.

Going green is a trendy thing to do. But did you know being more environmentally responsible and energy efficient can also help manufacturers save some green cash, too? Coachmen Industries Inc. Vice President Tom Gehl will talk about how going green with a line of recreational vehicles has helped the company become more environmentally responsible and reduce expenses.

In our regular segments, Renee Giachino of American Justice Partnership gives us the latest on tort reform and commentator Hank Cox recalls “The Way It Was.” And the National Association of Manufacturers President Gov. John Engler will close the program with “The Last Word.”

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