The View from Nevada Manufacturers

From The Reno Gazette Journal, “Nevada business people cautious about Democrats’ sweep“:

While the stock market has dropped since the election, Ray Bacon, president of the Nevada Manufacturers Association, said Democrat Barack Obama’s presidential victory as well as Democratic domination in Congress and the Nevada Legislature, “isn’t all bad news for business.”

“The Democrats have to deliver. They have absolutely no alternative,” he told an audience of about 150 business leaders and others at a forum sponsored by the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce.

Bacon quoted a National Association of Manufacturers executive in adding, “Change is going to happen. Progress is optional.”

Good line. Ray is quoting NAM Executive Vice President Jay Timmons, speaking at a joint NAM/BIPAC post-elections briefing on Monday. You can watch his presentation here.

Another interesting tidbit from the Gazette-Journal story:

Paul Enos of the Nevada Motor Transport Association was concerned about renewed environmental regulations in the coming Congress.

“We’re looking at a brave new world in emissions standards for the trucking industry,” Enos said. “Trucks deliver everything. If it weren’t for trucks, we’d be standing naked in the desert.”

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