The Usual Suspects: No New Energy Anywhere

By November 21, 2008Energy

In a post below we note Public Citizen’s mendacious attack against a new nuclear power plant in Maryland. Of course, nuclear energy is not the only source of electricity the group rejects.

From the Energy Information Adminstration, a pie chart of electricity generation in 2006.


Public Citizen opposes nuclear power, so that’s 19.4 percent gone.

The group absolutely hates coal, so that’s 49 percent eliminated.

The oil companies are anathema, which means another 1.6 percent gone.

So in Public Citizen’s America, 60 percent of current electricity generation is unacceptable.

That’s a very cold, very dark, very poor America. 

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  • Tyson Slocum says:

    Hi all!

    Public Citizen opposes the billions of dollars in subsidies needed to build the next generation of nuclear and coal power plants because cost-effective alternatives (wind, solar, efficiency) are a superior investment for the public’s money. For example, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (chaired by that tree-hugger Joe Kelliher, who helped develop Cheney’s energy task force in ’01) estimates the costs of various new energy sources on page 11 here
    and – lo and behold! – nukes and coal are the most expensive. See today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription required)
    “Surprise Drop in Power Use Delivers Jolt to Utilities” which notes that, without massive Obama-themed investment in energy efficiency, Americans are already using so much less power that the tree-hugging CEO of American Electric Power warned that orders of big, centralized power plants may not be needed: “The message is: be cautious about what you build because you may not have the demand” to justify the expense.

    Public Citizen is not advocating shutting down existing coal and nuclear power plants. But taxpayer money – whether through loan guarantees, DOE grants or tax breaks – should not be going to massively expensive, fatally-flawed centralized power stations when the money would be better spent on renewables and efficiency.

    Thanks, and have a great thanksgiving.

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