The Usual Suspects: No New Electricity in Maryland

By November 21, 2008Energy

From today’s Washington Post, “Coalition Challenges Proposed 3rd Reactor“:

A coalition of environmental organizations filed legal challenges this week against the proposed third nuclear reactor at Calvert Cliffs.

The group told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that the problems with UniStar Nuclear Energy’s application to build a reactor at the Lusby site include the concurrent review of the reactor design and the license application; the storage and disposal of radioactive waste; and foreign partnerships involved in the project.

“We are basically trying to point out the inadequacy of the application itself. The issues we are raising will demonstrate that this is both an economically and environmentally bad deal for Maryland,” said Allison Fisher, energy organizer for Public Citizen‘s Energy Program.

So, no concurrent review of reactor and license application because government cannot do two things simultaneously? The efficiency apparently poses a threat; a 10-year approval process is much easier to derail than a five or four-year process.

No local, on-site storage of nuclear waste, either. And since Public Citizen opposes the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository for long-term, offsite storage, that effectively rules out any nuclear power.

And foreign partnerships are objectionable because…lousy French. They use nuclear power.

You can read Public Citizen’s news release here, which includes a warning about the Chesapeake Bay being unable to bear even more nuclear discharge. Well, yes, in reality nuclear plants don’t discharge radioactive waste, but…

You see a lot of alarmism and misstatement come from the environmentalist, anti-growth activists, but this one is a remarkably consistent piece of work.

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