Secondary Markets at Work…Maybe

Being handed out at the Metro Center station today in Washington, D.C.

Elsewhere in the world of secondary markets and unintended consequences:

So I ordered this crib online and it cost $40,000! But on the plus side, two free inaugural event tickets were included.

Anyway, D.C. is going nuts over the inaugural, which is still more than two months away.

We’ll be interested in whether the media play up the theme that it’s too, too lavish in a time of war and economic dislocation. Remember that critique? Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) wrote President a Bush a letter in January, 2005, arguing for restraint in Bush’s second inaugural:

The festivities surrounding your inauguration later this month are slated to cost $40 million – making this the most expensive inauguration in history. I urge you to re-direct those funds towards a use more fitting to these sober times – bonuses or equipment for our troops.

Our view: Inaugural spending will stimulate the economy. Go for it.

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